PiBoIdMo and Facebook

The month of November flew by with me trying to keep up with all the other writers and coming up with 30 picture book ideas in the 30 days of November. I did it! Whew!

And I got to combine two of my favorite things - writing for children and Facebook. What fun! The PiBoIdMo group on Facebook was invaluable to my success. Writers posted how an idea came to them. Where they found inspiration. And their excitement of writing for children. I loved it!

With urging from all of us, Tara has promised to keep the group running. Although Christmas is upon us, and I, like many of you, will need to turn my attention to the many activities during December, I hope to get back to that same excitement and and creative state of mind I had in November just as soon as the clock strikes midnight ringing in 2012. Hmm....now what kind of idea can I come up with to start the New Year?

To be continued!

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