Out of Control Social Networking

If you don't see me as much on sites like Facebook and Pinterest as often as you're used to, it's because I'm putting limits on my time. I check in, set the timer for one hour, and then I allow myself to check in again.

I was getting to where I'd check Facebook, Pinterest, and Amazon way too often. I talked to someone who just finished a Facebook Fast. I'm not going that far, but this is a start. I'm not sure how long this discipline will last, but I do like that I'm getting more work done. Lord knows I need to!

How about you? How do you limit your social networking time?

Love Under the Bubble Wrap Review

Wow! I'm so honored when someone takes time to write a review and post it on Amazon. And when it says such nice things, my day is made! Here's a snippet of what Mary Busha said about Love Under the Bubble Wrap - a novelette:
I love the way Donna wove humor, disappointment, deep love, and even sarcasm into her story. Her characters are so real they seem to step right out of her story and intersect with the lives of her readers.
Thank you, Mary. I'm tickled pink you liked it.

My First Novelette - Love Under the Bubble Wrap

I'm excited - and more than a little nervous - to announce the release of "Love Under the Bubble Wrap" - my novelette for readers who love romance. I hope you'll check it out! Jack Foster is the cover artist.


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