The other night, my husband and I visited one of the precious members of our church in the hospital. Afterwards, we stopped at the grocery. Instead of both of us going in, I hopped out, intending to only grab a few things in a few minutes. Well, you know how that goes. A half hour later I wheeled out my half full cart.

Of course, my husband couldn't help himself and had to carry on about how long he'd been waiting. I responded by reminding him how often I sit and wait for him, which didn't make him feel one bit better. I wonder why?

We pulled out of the parking lot onto the main road and picking up speed, when BOOM! Something big hit the car. I screamed and ducked right after I saw that my entire view of the road had been blocked out with body of deer as it slid across the windshield. It slid off the other side and we continued on down the road. My husband hadn't even had time to hit the brakes.

I'm am so thankful we weren't going any faster. I'm sure if we had been, the windshield would have shattered. I told my son I was glad I didn't have a deer in my lap. He replied, "Mom, you could have had a deer head hit your head. You'd be dead."

Just that quickly we could have been hurt very badly or even killed. God protected us, and for that, I'm thankful. We don't know what happened to the deer. My husband felt terrible. He has deer pictures, figurines, and all kinds of deer-related items in his office at the church. Immediately, he said, "But I love deer." I drove past the same spot the next day and didn't see any evidence of our close call. My husband said that it might have just stunned the animal, and it's already off scaring other drivers half to death.

We thought our car had escaped any damage until we got home. It looks like it hit the side then used our side mirror to catapault across the car landing on the windshield before sliding across. We ended up with a good dent on the side and no other damage. Thank God!

Maybe I should have taken longer to get my groceries.

Image: Ohmega1982 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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