Blogging with Julie and Julia

Tonight I'm watching the movie, Julie and Julia. I love the scene where Julia and her sister are getting ready for a party. They stand in front of a full-length mirror and Julia proclaims that they look 'pretty good.' She pauses and then says, "But not great." I laugh every time.

Meryl Streep makes me forget she's Meryl. She's amazing. Amy Adams is cute as the modern-day Julie striving to be like Julia. It's also a dream come true that someone who wrote a blog ended up with a book contract and a movie made about it. Wouldn't that be something!

Although - when I think about it, my first job writing devotions came as a result of my Devotionals by Donna blog - such a blessing.

Julia Child's obsession with cooking and her persistence to write a cookbook is inspiring. She had a singular focus. That's one thing I have to say I'm lacking. I take multi-tasking seriously.

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